I strongly believe that our body has the ability for self healing provided that the essential elements it needs are in place, namely uncontaminated water, proper nutrition, good balance between exercise & rest, sense of purpose and vitality, positive and meaningful relationships, and happiness.

Today it is also very important to be aware of the many new factors we have introduced in our environment that are causing or contributing to many of the pathological conditions we experience.

By eliminating the possible negative factors and harmonizing our personal environment we not only improve our chances for good health and healing we also contribute to the betterment of humanity.

My goal is to provide you with understandable and reliable information; advice and guidance so you will be able to make the informed choice that will help you steer clear from the dangerous waters of our polluted environment and navigate toward optimal health and happiness.

Best wishes for good health and happiness

Dr. Adriano Borgna L.Ac.