“Cooking at Home”
with Adriano

Learn how to make wonderfully simple, beautiful and balanced meals.
Learn more about the value of proper nutrition and the benefit of cooking your own food.

This is course is designed for beginners and for people who can cook but have run out of ideas.

During this course you will learn strategies as diverse as planning a balanced weekly menu or a fancy dinner party.

The Home setting will make you feel at ease and you will be able to make, taste and bring home delicious food.

You will be required to bring an apron, a paring and a chef knife.

You will be given a detailed handout of the menu at each lesson.

 The goals of the “cooking at home” lessons:

  • Kitchen skills
  • Shopping skills
  • Basics of cooking techniques
  • Planning a meal according to a “theme”
  • Nutritional value
  • Presentation
  • Eating together and cooking as therapy



Sample menus for classes

Menu # 1

Appetizers: Goat cheese on a small cracker, with pink peppercorns and honey, served on a spoon.
Prunes wrapped in bacon.
Main course:  Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, elaborated mashed potatoes, and Swiss chard with lemon vinaigrette.
Dessert:   Poached pears

Menu # 2

Appetizers: Crepes Mini-rolls stuffed with ricotta and spinach.
Mini-bruschette with wild mushrooms
Main course: Braised short ribs. Served with mushroom risotto and Steamed Kale.
Dessert: Baked Granny Smith stuffed with nuts, butter, and honey

Menu # 3

Appetizers: Philo baskets with cream cheese and smoked salmon.
 Philo baskets with homemade mayonnaise and shrimp.
Main course: Whole fish baked under salt.
Small onion & potatoes roasted with garlic cloves.
Steamed asparagus with lemon vinaigrette.
Dessert:  Strained Yoghurt with Mango Coulis

Menu # 4

Appetizers:  Rice stuffed cherry tomatoes
Mini-bruschette with melted mozzarella & anchovy paste
Main course: Assorted roasted stuffed vegetables. (Tomatoes with rice, Bell peppers with meat, ect…)
Dessert:  Orange sashimi with Grand Marnier

Items may vary according to the availability of the markets.

Classes at:
92 Barrow St. NYC, NY 10014
Every Wednesdays 7-9PM. 1st class March 5th 2008
6-8 students per class.

Reservations 212-242-3280
$100 for an individual class. (+ $20 fee for ingredients). 
$350 for the whole series of 4 classes (+ $60 fee for ingredients).
$50 Dollar non-refundable deposit required upon registration.
The whole class can be reserved for a private party for $600
Wine is not included.

© “Cooking at Home” with Adriano 2000